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 Here’s some pictures of River Ridge Hot Rod Association’s four founding members. Left to Right, Kevin & Jill, Jackie, & some stranger, and last but not least, Elaine by her 34 truck. Don’t mind Big Al in the background, he’s just tryin to figure out what the hell Jackie was thinking.



  I want to tell you a little bit about us.

We enjoy meeting new people. We  also enjoy sharing stories and learning from our elders (mostly Jackie).We are simple people that want to, if only for a short time, forget all the crap that’s going on in the world today and  remember the better times this country has had, even though some of us may have not lived in that time.

I personally think I was born about 25 years too late.

My problem is I can’t seem to understand most of the new music, and the things people do to some of the newer cars. I’m not saying its wrong, but I’m not walking around with my underwear showing and my pants riding down somewhere down by my crotch. Don’t get me started.

We’re back at FROSTOP!!!!!!! Also we have a couple of new project cars in the works. How about a 1925 Chrysler pickup truck and a 1953 Corvette. Tell us about your new project or update us on the existing one.

Open Cruise Nights (FIRST FRIDAY 6:00 - 10:00) of every month. Limited parking, so come early, and please respect our neighbors. Save the hot rodding for the track. Stay tuned for more update.



  1. admin Said,

    Member benifits include discounts on automotive parts, services, insurance and free admission to our cruise nights. Your membership, at a cost of only $25.00, will be good for one calender year . This membership fee will help offset the Club liability insurance, website and domain name cost, printing and any other club expences.

  2. Robert Vallejo Said,

    Great website. Can’t wait until I have my 68 Camaro running to show it off at a future cruise night.
    Thanks Kevin for getting me started on my car.


  3. admin Said,

    SPONSORS NEEDED. Check out our sponsor page.

  4. Brad Silver Said,

    I don’t own a hot rod, but I’m a big fan of the cause. Great website!

  5. Dale Quigley Said,

    Way to go dude, think this is a great idea and hope that the club is a huge success. I may not own a hot rod but I sure enjoy looking back at the “GOOD OLE DAYS” and the cars that were a big part of the past.
    Keep up the site and best of luck.


  6. alan russell Said,

    great car show-kevin thanks for the information- my 69 camaro is no way ready for cruise night but I”m working on it . thanks again alan russell